What Is Natural Gas? Is It Renewable Source? Can You Tell Me About The Situation Worldwide?


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Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel, but natural gas has been called nearly the perfect energy source. From all fossil fuel , natural gas (which is mainly known as methane) has the least impact on the environment. It burns cleanly. The chemical product of burn methane is carbon dioxide and water vapour, which are not pollutant, although they are green house gases.
Like oil, natural gas flows easily and cheaply by pipelines, unlike oil, gas does not move as freely in international trade by sea. Liquid natural gas (LNG) is extremely hazardous, because the mixture of methane and air is explosive. Natural gas is also non-renewable; its supply is finite. Worldwide just two regions contain two third of the proved gas reserves: Russia and the Middle East. The remaining is divided equally among North America, Western Europe, Africa and Asia, each of which contains 4% to 8% of the total.

Most gas is used directly for industrial and residential heating. in fact ,gas has been overtaken both coal and oil as a house-heating fuel and more then half of the homes in the united states are now heated by gas .a portion is also used in electricity –generating plants.
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Natural gas, is merely another way to power different commodities, and used by burning it in high temperatures very similar to fossil fuels. Natural gas is a complex mixture of gases, a non-renewable source of energy, and currently in our society today, electricity is often replaced by natural gas due to its low price and availability, not to also mention its efficiency.
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Natural gas is a fuel which is a mixture of different gases mainly methane, ethane, butane, propane and carbon dioxide etc. There are studies which have revealed that natural gas also contains traces of nitrogen, and mercury as well. So it is a complex mixture of several gases. It is used in different commodities of life these days like in Pakistan a large quantity of natural gas is being used in housing sector for cooking and as a source of light.
In industries it is being used as a source of energy for heating purposes. It is also used as very economical fuel for automobiles. There is some research which says that this particular resource of gas could be only renewed if the organic wastes in earth are biodegraded and then rediscovered after certain time. This may lead to the formation of biogas which does not contain any wastage. In world over there are several reserves of gas like in Iran etc however the natural gas resources are depleting due to high consumption rate. It is therefore necessary that either we find some new resources of the natural gas or control the consumption rates to survive until new resources are not discovered.
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Natural gas is a non-renewable natural resource. We are unable to get it over short or long period of time back. In fact, it takes centuries to get natural gas. It is to be prepared under the depressions of earth by the help of the stuff left after the dead under the surface of earth. They have to stay under pressure of waster and soil under the sea depths. There they give rise to natural gas. It was discovered in 1950's in Pakistan. It is an honor for Pakistan to be the first to have it.
It is a mixture of a couple of organic gases with more than 95% of methane gas. Methane is its main part. It is to be obtained after leakage from the surface of earth. It is smell less. They were unable to diagnose it at the very first time but now they are adding smell of other hydrocarbons to make it producing smell. This smell makes us feel easy because it is dangerous for health. Its leakages can be detected by the help of its specific smell.
Worldwide situation is not that good because it is in fewer amounts. It is a non-renewable resource. It is to be used in a sustainable way but they are not using it in a sustainable manner.

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