What Are The Different Methods For Measuring Gross National Product?


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This is the basic social accounting measure of the total output or aggregate supply of goods and services. Gross national product is defined as the total market of all value of all the final goods and services produced in a year.

Two things must be noted in regard to gross national product. Firstly, it measures the market value of annual output. In other words GNP is a monetary measure of the total product in a year. There is no other way of adding up the different sorts of goods and services produced in a year except with the money prices, bit in order to know accurately the changes in physical output, the figures for gross national product is adjusted for price changes.

Secondly, for calculating gross national product accurately, all goods and services produced in any given year must be counted once, but not more than once. Most of the goods go through a series of production stages before reaching the market. As a result parts or companies of many goods are bought and sold many times. Hence, to avoid counting several times the parts of goods that are sold and resold, gross national product only includes the market value of final goods and ignores transactions involving intermediate goods.
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Yes you are right that when we add up the market value of the final googds and services produced in a counry we get GNP...but in some books (CA economics) and even on site (e.g there they have calculated GDP in the same manner I know when we have GNP we can find GDP by subtracting NFI (Net factor income from abroad) but where to start from do we get GNP when we add the market value of the goods or do we get GDP..same is the case in expenditure approach in it when we add C,I,G,(X-M)...what we get GNP or GDP....this is confusing ...reply if you have clear concept...

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