What Are The Problems In Measuring National Income?


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Now they have something out that can do just that..with this new thing called income vacation its new.. So ever one thats trying to hid there income will be a thing of the past sad isn't it   take care..
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1.Non-monitory services
2.Black Money
3.Changing value of currency

1. Lack of data
2. Lack of skills
3. Lack of sense
4. Double books
5. Curruption
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Block money
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* National Income does not measure:-

   An increase in leisure or work satisfaction.
   Changes in product quality

*National Income does not accurately reflect changes in environment like oil spills cleanup is measured as positive output but increased in pollution is not measured as negative

*Problem of double counting.

*Problems of depreciation estimation

* Arbitrary Definition
    Inclusion or exclusion of certain items in national income accounting can cause confusion

*Challenges like difficulties in getting information especially those related to underground economy.
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It depend on the inflation. If the inflation increase the national income need to more and increase the money.

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