What Are He Reasons For Landscape Spoilage?


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REASONS FOR LANDSCAPE SPOILAGE-Degradation of land takes place due to the following two causes-Natural causes: Like landslides , earthquakes , desertification , forest fires , volcanic eruptions , drought and floods.Man- made causes : 1 . Increasing population : With an increase in the population , there is an increase in the amount of wastes generated which are ultimately dumped into the environment(on the land).2 . Increase in the consumption : POPULATION EXPLOSION has led to an increase in demand for food , water , and other natural resources. More of the forests are cleared to create agricultural lands and grasslands for grazing.Overgrazing causes the land to become barren and finally turn into a waste land .3 . Mining : Large scale mining carried out destroys the vegetation of the area and presents a dreadful scenario . Such towns which have lost their natural beauty because of mining are called 'ghost towns'.4 . Over exploitation of natural resources : "there is enough on earth for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed ". Man has over exploited the natural resources of mother earth and dumped unimaginable amounts of wastes polluting LAND , water and air. Thus ,Loss of vegetation -> loss of SOIL BINDERS -> soil erosion -> loss of fertility of soil -> landscape turns barren -> finally becomes a wasteland. Dumping of wastes on land also causes landscape spoilage.

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