What is Saturn's landscape like?


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Saturn doesn't have a solid surface at all, and its atmosphere is made up of gas, (almost entirely composed of hydrogen and helium).

When you travel far enough down through the atmosphere, you reach a point where those gases turn to liquids - which is due to the weight of the atmosphere bearing down upon them.

These liquids could be considered to be Saturn's 'surface', although the force of gravity at this point would still pull you through the surface, towards the core.

It's believed that Saturn has a relatively-small, rocky core, made from the heavier elements to be found on the planet, but scientists don't know this for sure.

The Atmosphere of Saturn
Due to the density of Saturn's atmosphere, we've never been able to see the 'surface' of the planet. The best images we have depict a similar banded pattern in the atmosphere to that of Jupiter, but Saturn's surface appears to be much smoother and calmer.

Don't be deceived by appearances, however - Saturn still has the second-fastest winds of any planet in the Solar System, reaching speeds of up to 1,800 kilometres an hour.
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It has no solid surface - it's a gas planet.

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