Who Was Jabar Bin Hayyan?


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Jabar bin Hayyan's full name was Abu Musa Jabar ibne Hayyan. He is one of the greatest scientists of the world. He was born in Iraq (called Kufa at that time) in 776 C.E. In his early age, Barmaki Vizier was his patron. It was during the Khilafat of Khalifah Haroon-al-Rashid.
The main contributions of Jabar bin Hayyan towards science were the preparation of Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Citric acid and Tartaric acid in the laboratory. Jabar bin Hayyan is also the discoverer of Sulphuric Acid.
He also contributed a lot in the development of Steel and Glass Industry. He prepared Varnish to prevent corrosion or rusting of Iron. He also invented Gold Script writing by Iron Pyrites. He created Aqua Regia, or Royal Water, to dissolve gold. His two books, Kitab al-Kimya and Kitab al Sab'een, got much fame, and were translated into Latin during the Middle Ages.
Abu Musa Jabar ibne Hayyan was a supporter of Alchemy, that is, the concept that inferior metals like Copper, Tin etc could be changed into superior metals like Gold and Silver. Many scientists believed in Alchemy at that time, and many spent their whole lives trying to prove this concept. They couldn't prove the concept, but learnt many things from the experiments they carried on for Alchemical reactions. Jabar bin Hayyan himself spent most of his life working on Alchemy, but discovered many new things during the quest. He died in 803 C.E. He is widely known as the 'Father of Chemistry'.

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