Who Was Abu Rehan Muhammad Bin Ahmed Al-Beruni?


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Al-Beruni's full name is Abu Rehan Mohammad bin Ahmed Al-Beruni. He was born in 973 C.E. at Khawarzim (the old name of Kala-Kalpakskaya in present Uzbekistan). He is remembered by the world as a great and outstanding Astronomer, Physician, Physicist, Mathematician, Geographer, Geologist and Astrologer. Because of his wonderful contributions in most of the above mentioned fields, Abu Rehan Mohammad bin Ahmed Al-Beruni has been given the title of 'al-Ustadh'. He was also a good linguist and mastered Greek, Syriac and Sanskrit. He was a contemporary of Ibn Sina (known as Avicenna in the West).

Abu Rehan Mohammad bin Ahmed Al-Beruni discovered seven different ways of finding North and South directions. He is probably the first scientist to thoroughly discuss and prove that the Earth moves or rotates around its axis. He also calculated the Longitudes and Latitudes very accurately. All these calculations, observations and
Theories are presented in his book 'Al-Ather Al-Baqia'. He stated that the speed of light is immense in comparison to the speed of sound. He gave definition and detailed description of the Milky Way.

His very famous book, 'Al-Tafhim-ki Awail Sina'at al-Tanjin', sums up his works of Mathematics and Astronomy. He gave the Specific Weights of eighteen elements.
His other famous books are; 'Kitab-al Jamahir' on properties of precious stones, 'Kitab al-Hind' which gives a detailed account of the Indian life, religion, languages, cultures and also, observations on geography, 'Al-Qanun Al-Masudi Fi Al-Haia Wa Al-Najum' on Trigonometry, Astronomy, solar, lunar and planetary motion plus twenty-three observations on Equinoxes.Abu Rehan Mohammad bin Ahmed Al-Beruni died in 1048 C.E. at Ghazna.
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He was a conspicuous scientist in regard to his disciplines. He extended the horizons of various disciplines and added the flavor of his meretricious findings.

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