Who Was Abu Ali Al-Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina?


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Ibn Sina's full name was Abu Ali Al-Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina. He was born in 981 C.E at Afshana. Afshana is a village located near Bukhara at the far South of Russia. Ibn Sina is known in the West as Avicenna. He was a giant among giants. He displayed unbelievable intelligence when he was small, and easily outwitted children of his own age. He was extremely skillful in learning the Qur'an and the Arabic Classics. He studied Muslim Jurisprudence, Philosophy, Natural Science, Logic, Euclid and the Almeagest in the next six years. He also started studying medicine at the age of Seventeen.

Abu Ali Al Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina was endowed with a prowess to absorb and retain knowledge. Samani ruler Nuh ibn Mansur was so pleased with Ibn Sina's services that he allowed him to freely use the royal library, which contained many rare and unique books.

Abu Ali Al-Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina completed 21 major and 24 minor works related to Philosophy, Medicine, Theology, Geometry, Astronomy and similar disciplines.
Out of Abu Ali Al-Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina's 16 medical works, eight are versified essays. He noticed the link between emotions and physical conditions in human beings and verified that music definitely had a psychological and physical effect on patients. His ever-famous book is 'Qanun' which mostly deals with medicines and diseases. 'Qanun' has been called a 'Medical Bible' by many doctors and scientists.
Abu Ali Al-Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina died in 1037.

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