What Are The Different Fundamental Quantities?


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Here are the seven fundamental quantities. I also included their definitions and SI units.

Length - meter (m)
- the measurement or extent of something from end to end.

Mass - kilogram (kg)
- a coherent body of matter with no definite shape.

Time - second (s)
- the indefinite continued progress of existence and events.

Electric current - ampere (A)
- flow of electric charge.

Thermodynamic temperature - kelvin (K)
- A measure proportional to the thermal energy of a given body at equilibrium.

Amount of substance - mole (mol)
- the number of specified group of entities present in a substance.

Luminous intensity - candela (cd)
- an expression of the amount of light power emanating from a point source within a solid angle of one steradian.

Concise Oxford Dictionary - Tenth Edition target="_blank" class="qa" rel="external">,,sid9_gci553541,00.html

Sorry if I did not include anymore the definitions of the SI units.
If you need them, here are some links: target="_blank" class="qa" rel="external"> hope I was able to help you :)
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Length , Mass and Time are the three Chief Fundamental Quantities. However in the S.I. System there are 7 Accepted fundamental Quantities:1. Length  (metre)2. Mass (Kg)3. Time (Seconds)4.  Electric Current (Ampere)5. Temperature (Kelvin)6. Luminous Intensity (Candela)7. Amount of Substance (mole)

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