Do All Liquids Freeze?


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No not all liquids freeze,alcohol don't freeze no matter what you do.
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Yes.  Everything will freeze if it gets cold enough. Different substances have different freezing temperatures.
Grain alcohol freezes at  −114.3 °C,  -174 °F.
Mercury freezes at -38.83 C,  -37.89 F .
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Well...there isn't a liquid out there that doesn't freeze, but there are some liquids that can get down to like negative 50  or 60 without freezing. The one liquid that will not freeze at absolute zero (the coldest there possibly is) is liquid helium, and even then under enough pressure it will eventually freeze. Hop that I helped :)
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Mercury in a liquid form can not freeze
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No, all liquids does not freeze. Different liquids freezes at different temperature.
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Well, I don't think that all liquids will freeze.  Liquid nitrogen is quite cold already.  Does it have a freezing point?  I'm not sure.  Now I'd like to look it up.

Found it!

I suppose scientists like to call it the melting point, rather than the freezing point.  Nitrogen becomes a liquid at -345.75 degrees F (found using the link I posted above).  Less than that, it becomes a solid.  Wow!  That is cold!

I assume you mean to ask if all liquids--that are in liquid form at room temperature--have a freezing point.  That's a good question.
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Some  - Liquor ( Alcohol ) does not . Some Liquor if it is 90 proof will not freeze because there is not much water if any in it . Drinks that you drink at a club ex .....  
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I think it'll freeze, cause it's cold and anyway, liquids freeze when cold and in the freezer. So, it can freeze.
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Alcohol does not freeze,but if  you are intoxicated and left out in incliment weather with a temp that is harsh to humans you will most likely die from the temperature....good luck
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The blood in your body would coagulate to a state it could not properly flow threw your body....good luck

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