What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Following Thermometric Fluids: Alcohol And Mercury?


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The two liquids used in liquid in glass thermometers are mercury and alcohol. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with thermometric liquids.
Advantages of mercury as a thermometric liquid.
-It is a good conductor of heat and therefore the whole liquid reaches the temperature of the surroundings quickly.
-It does not wet (cling to the sides of) the tube.
-It has a high boiling point
-It expands uniformly (linear expansion) and responds quickly to temperature changes, hence is sensitive.
-It has a visible meniscus.
-Mercury is very poisonous.
-its expansively is fairly low
-it is expensive
-It has a high freezing point therefore it cannot be used in places where the temperature gets very low.

Alcohol has a thermometric fluid
-Alcohol expands uniformly.
-It has a low freezing point (-115 degree centigrade) therefore it is very suitable for place where the temperature gets very low.
-It has a large expansively
-It is an easily available cheap liquid, which is safe to use

Disadvantages of alcohol
-it wets the tube
-it has a low boiling point (cannot be used in places with high temperatures)
-it does not react quickly to changes in temperature
-It needs to be dyed, since it's colourless.
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The advantages are that is a good conductor of heat and has high boiling point and the disadvantages are that is very poisonous...
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