How Is Economics Related To Other Social Sciences?


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Economics is related to other social services because the economy of a country will dictate exactly how much money can be spent on social services, such as welfare, subsidized health care, and mental health services.

Many third world countries with poor economies simply don't have the resources to provide necessary social services to their citizens; therefore, world relief agencies choose to step in and assist these undeveloped countries, by providing medicines, counselling, education and job training. In richer countries, such as Sweden, there is a greater emphasis on providing social services to citizens. However, the Swedish are taxed quite heavily in order to help pay for all these social safety nets.

  • Without an understanding of economics, it will be difficult to grasp the financial situations that are present in different national economies, and how money (or the lack thereof) influences social services in these countries.
  • Economics factors influence political systems, and these political systems tend to run social services, usually through money received directly from taxpayers. Some countries also lend money to poorer nations - this affects the political relationships between these countries.
  • An example of a country that often gives loans or financial aid to poorer nations is the United States of America; this country often gives money to Haiti - in fact, America is the leading source of financial aid for this impoverished country. 
In the event of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods, economies may dissolve, as nations are forced to spend vast amounts of money repairing infrastructures (highways, bridges, etc.) and helping citizens.

Economies crippled by national disasters will be weak, and this will affect the future of a nation; it will always take time to build the economy back up to pre-disaster levels. In many cases, foreign aid given to help with national disasters never needs to be repaid - it is simply a charitable contribution.

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