Do You Know About The Basic Forces Of Nature?


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There are five basic forces of nature,
Gravitational forces
Magnetic forces
Electric forces
Weak nuclear forces
The strong forces

An electric force is the force, which holds the positive and negative charges that make up atoms and molecules. The human body is composed entirely of atoms and molecules, thus we can say that, our existence is due to the electric force.
Electric current generates magnetic field. At the same time, a changing magnetic field produces electric current. This interplay of electricity and magnetism is widely used in number of electrical devices.

The strong nuclear force is effective only within sub-nuclear distances and therefore confines the neutrons and protons within the nucleus. The electromagnetic force is long range and causes all chemical reaction. It binds together atoms, molecules, crystals, trees, buildings and you. This force acting on a microscopic level is responsible for a variety of apparently different macroscopic forces such as friction cohesion and adhesion.
The weak nuclear force is short range and it is responsible for the spontaneous breaking of the radioactive elements. It is a sort of repulsive force of very short range.

The gravitational force, like the electromagnetic force, is again long range extending up to and beyond the stars and galaxies .It keeps the seas and atmosphere fix to the surface of the planet.
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There are four basic forces which are existing in nature these are strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electrostatic force and gravitational force. In case all the atoms the central portion is a nucleus which contains neutrons and protons. All the neutrons are neutral but the protons are positively charge particles which repel each other in addition to it there are several other particles which exist in nucleus and have same charge due to which there is always a tendency that nucleus will not stay stable. However it is assumed that there is a strong nuclear force existing in the nucleus which binds nucleus and does not allow it to disintegrate this is a short range force but has a high magnitude to support the stability of nucleus.

The other type is weak nuclear force which exists between electrons and all the elementary particles, but a similar force exist between the protons.

Electrostatic force is the force of interaction between any two charged particles; this is also called columbic force. In case of all the atoms there are charged particles which either attract each other or repel each other the similarly charged particles repel each other and oppositely charged particles attract each other by this columbic force.

The fourth force is the gravitational force of attraction existing between all the materialistic bodies this force is even existing between earth and moon, it depends on the distance between the bodies and the mass of the bodies.
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Hi, human being has the basic nature of forces since we were born. it relate with practising training or something we use it every time and it link to our hearth too, because we are not the same force and weight so by some of exercises we can be more and more force and fitness.

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