What Are Resistive Forces?


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Resistive force is the force that acts in the opposite direction of the force being exerted on a body. More generically, it is the force that is exerted in the opposite direction of the force being exerted on a body, entity, or surface. A resistive force is the cause of a moving object slowing down. Another instance of a resistive force being at work is the fact of an inert object requiring effort to move. Without the presence of resistive forces, the object would have smoothly rolled into motion. A resistive force, as the term suggests, resists the occurrence of any specific action, usually motion, on an inert or moving body. There can be more than one resistive force at work at a given instance of time on a specific body.

The presence of a resistive force results in work being done to overcome that force. There are different kinds of resistive forces in this world. The most fundamental ones are gravity, friction, and resistance.
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Resistive forces are the factors which hurdle the procession of any kind of task or process, thus causing a delay or stoppage in it. These factors tend to be an obstacle in the accomplishment of the task by creating a resistive barrier in the smooth flow of things. In short, these are negative forces which tend to pull something backwards upsetting the correct directional flow.

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