Why Do We Need Communication Planning?


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According to Joseph Ascroft.
''Between good intentions and fine results lies a gauntlet of unexamined assumptions, inadequate information, cultural misunderstandings, inappropriate techniques which must be overcome before a suitable message can be acted upon''.

That reflects why we need communication planning,

We need communication for,
1. Awareness rising.
2. Support communication.
3. Information.
4. Empowerment.
5. Education.
6. Behavior change.
7. Persuasion.
8. Motivation.
9. Social mobilization.
10. Advocacy.

First step is to develop awareness when people get different questions in mind, now there is communication support in shape of pamphlets, posters, banners etc.

There should be right selection for communication support, and for information.

Empowering people making a grass root level power full.

Educate them, give people awareness through workshops, seminars etc. for absorbing knowledge we need time. Education should be done over time. It requires time; it's a time taking procedure.

Behavior change comes after education and communication.
People who have limited resources and education they have fear of unknown as compare to rich and educated people.

With the help of above mentioned supports we should deal with all the fears.

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