Why Is Communication Important?


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Communication is important for different reasons, depending on the context and quality. It may seem moot to say so, but communication alone is not in itself a good thing. In fact, the quality of communication is the most important point.
Having said that, communication is important for a variety of reasons. It limits misunderstanding, ensures accuracy, as well as the maintenance and survival of business, social, family and romantic relationships. Without proper communication people can find themselves in a deteriorating relationship without real cause. Marriages, siblings and business partners may find they can no longer relate to one another. A lack of communication can itself become the problem and push people away from each other creating a breakup, or blow up, based on a symptom with no root cause.
On a more general level, communication is essential so that people actually know what is going on. In a social relationship this is important so people can keep in touch, or even arrange a meeting with each other to have fun. A business relationship depends upon communication for coordination as well as development or a project and romantic relationships need communication so that a couple can continue to relate to and enjoy each other.
Finally, communication is important on a grander scale because it has been essential for human development. Many theories about the success or failure of difference civilizations concentrate heavily on the development of writing as a medium for long distance and accurate communication and organization, in order for the level of development necessary for economic or military success. In terms of evolution, the use and application of symbolic thought is one of the defining features that distinguish humans from other animals on the planet. Essentially, the ability to understand the arbitrary association between a symbol, whether it is a word or a picture, and the meaning it represents allows for continued and increasing cultural, technological as well as scientific and religious growth as we pass on information from one generation to another through various mediums of communication.

There are many reasons why we need to communicate. We have done so for thousands of years, just not in the same way as we do now. The need to communicate comes from our basic instincts that keep us safe, keep us with a supply of food and water and also help us stay healthy.
We have evolved in many ways over time, and food, water, and health are not the only things that we need to communication for. We communicate to learn, to inform others, to show affection, to stay healthy and also for many social factors. In today's society, you will not get a job without communication and you will almost definitely not have a family. The value of status has grown in time and without communication, you cannot show your status, without money that you earn, you cannot survive in capitalist society.
There are many ways that through which we communicate, email, internet, social networking, letters, cell phones, signs, newspapers, radio, magazines, the list goes on and on. Everything is essentially a communication and we are surrounded by this in society. Around 500 years ago, most of the western world could not read or write and this was a problem. It hindered communication and without the use of the internet or cell phones, communication across large areas was slim. Priests were educated and read the newspapers and made announcements to the masses. The issue with this is that they could pretend that the newspapers had anything in and the people would believe and follow. This would hinder freedom of thought and speech - therefore a lack of communication results in a lack of freedom.
We now communicate on such a large scale and this is ever growing, communication is society is a must for, social, political and economical factors.
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Communication is important as if no one knows or understands what the goal or message that is being broadcast is, then most likely there will be no response or actions that are needed or required by your organization and it's message. Communication must first be understandable by the people that are being advertised to, if the message is unintelligible then most likely there will be a negative or no response to the message. The message and it's venue of broadcast needs to communicate precisely the desired actions being sought, it needs to motivate the audience to act or react as intended. It brings people to you as opposed to driving them away. If people are not educated, communicated to in an intelligent and understandable manner, then they may become offended by the message and the message may bring about a negative response contrary to the action desire by the communicator. Communication done effectively motivates people and inspires them to perform.
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Communication is must for delivering purpose to the target audience for achieving the desired results. In this part of world, where everybody is dependent upon others, the need for communication has further increased. The organizations face several disasters just because of the ineffective communication between the top management and the lower management. Therefore now-a-days, organizations are currently spending a lot of money to make sure that the organizational goals are effectively communicated to the employees.  Previously, people used to take care of downward communication only however, now-a-days upward communication has gained equal importance along with the downward communication. Hence, importance of two way communication has increased to a greater extent.
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Communication is important to share information, Idea and to
connect with others. Communication is the only way which connects us with other
person. We can also share our emotion with others.

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Because we can't live without communication in every circumstance, and it's important for our living everyday, we need communicate with people and by that we can know and understand what they talk and need in the life and for our job too.
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If we couldn't communicate we wouldn't know someone's basic daily needs. We'd have a hard time surviving without talking or hearing. Take people who are deaf and have to sign they sign because they need to communicate their needs and a need a way of talking.

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