What Is The Difference Between Monocots And Dicot Subclasses Of Class Angiospermae ?


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The key difference between them is the number of cotyledons. Monocotyledonous seeds are with one cotyledon and Dicotyledonous seeds are with two cotyledons. The cotyledons are inside the seeds and are called seed leaves having nutrients for their growth.

Other differences are as follows;
1. Pollen structure: The Monocots have pollens with a single pore through the outer layer but most Dicots have three pores.

2. Number of flower parts: The flower parts that are petals, stamens, or other floral parts, in Monocots are a number of parts that is divisible by three. But in Dicots, flower parts are multiples of four or five/

3. Leaf veins: A number of major leaf veins are present in the Monocots. These runs parallel the length of the leaf. In Dicots, numerous axillary veins make a network between the major ones.

4. Stem vascular arrangement: The vascular tissues as vascular bundles are in an arranged form of cylinder looking like as a ring in Dicots. In Monocots these are scattered through the stem.

5. Root development: Root develops from the lower end of the embryo that is called radicle.

6. Secondary growth: Dicots increase their diameter by secondary growth, producing wood and bark.

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