What Are The Advantages Of Database Management Approach To File Processing Approach .give Answer To Illustrate Answer?


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I'm presuming that this question is asking about the benefits of using database management as opposed to traditional file processing. In order to understand the answer to this question, you need to have a good knowledge of both database management and file processing.

Briefly, file processing is the act of creating, storing, managing and reading files containing data on your computer. File processing allows you to create a new file, for example, a written document, a picture or a poster. In order to create a new file, you must put data into a blank file and save it. File processing allows you to open files that you have already created and stored on your computer, in order to read through them. However, file processing usually does not allow you to edit content within the files, as the files are opened on a read only basis.

On the other hand, database management is a piece of software which allows you to create and maintain a collection of digital data on your computer, otherwise known as a database. Database management software is commonly used in large scale businesses and organizations, where the database administrators are granted a large degree of control over the creation and management of data within a database.

Database management is superior to file processing for a number of reasons:

• It allows a number of users to access the same pieces of data at the same time - for example, three people on different computers can access the same word file simultaneously through database management
• It allows files to be edited and changed while file processing does not - for example, you may be unable to make amendments to a spreadsheet using file processing
• It allows certain people or users of the database, called administrators, to have more control than other users, whereas in file processing, all users have the same amount of control
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