What Are The Disadvantages Of Database Approach?


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The use of data base approach also has disadvantages. Some of disadvantages are as follows:

High Cost of DBMS: A complete database management system is very large and sophisticated software. It is expensive to purchase database management software.

Higher Hardware Cost: Database management systems are complicated and heavy software. Additional memory and processing power may be required to run the DBMS. It may require more powerful hardware.

Higher Programming: DBMS is complex software with many features. The programmers need a thorough knowledge of system to use it to best advantage. If the organization hires experienced database programmers, it has to pay extra cost for this expertise.

Higher Conversion Cost: If an organization converts its records to database management system, data has to be converted from files to the database system. Because of the different formats used by different systems, this may be a difficult and time-consuming process. Moreover, the structure and data may also have to he modified according to the requirements of the database management system.

More Chance of Failure: In database management system, all resources and components are centralized. If any of these components fails, the whole system stops.

Complexity and Performance: Database management system is general-purpose software. A complete DBMS has to perform many tasks that make it complex and complicated software. In some applications, DBMS may run less efficiently as compared to file processing system.

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