What Type Of Root Found In Money Plant?


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The kind of root found on a money plant, or a jade plant, will allow you to grow a new plant. This is the kind of root that can be found on a money plant. Follow the following steps to root your plant;

  • Start by cutting a healthy young lead from the parent jade plant. You will need to use a clean, sharp razor. Then keep 1.5 to 2 inches of the stem attached to the leaf. Make the cut slanted, too, ensure it's not straight.

  • Next, you need to mix equal amounts of peat moss and sand together. Simply fill a plant pot with the rooting mixture and then insert the leaf stem half an inch into the soil mix. You then need to lightly firm the soil around the leaf you have planted so that it will stay there.

  • Every day you need to mist the leaf and soil with water, and then place the leaf in an area that is protected from the elements that may dry out the soil and plant.

  • You then need to remove the small plantlets that form around the mother leaf. Fill a shallow tray with the rooting mixture you made earlier, then plant the small plantlets in it.

  • Next, you need to water all of the plantlets and watch for some new growths of roots and leaves. As soon as adequate roots are able to form, you'll need to transplant these new money plants into plant pots filled with potting soil.
Stick to these plans and you won't go wrong; you will have brand new money plants using the roots and the leaves of an older plant. For more information perhaps go to your local garden center and ask for their advice.

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