What Type Of Plants Grow In Marine West Coast Regions?


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A number of humid areas, located on the west-coast of several middle-latitude continents (including Europe and Australia), have what is called a "Marine West Coast" climate. This is also known as an Oceanic climate.
What Kind Of Plants Grow In Marine West Coast Climates?
As the Oceanic climate is generally quite warm and humid, it’s very good for plant life. The weather tends to be warm, and there's usually a lot of rain. Some of the plants you’ll find in all countries with a Marine West Coast climate include:

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Ferns
  • Spruce
  • Many different grasses
As you can see, most of the plants that grow in Oceanic climates are very green, leafy ones. Many countries with Marine West Coast climates are home to huge forests, as the weather and rainfall there are perfect for evergreens.

What About Flowers?
It’s harder to give an answer for this, as soil type and region also have a lot to do with what plants grow in an area.

You’ll find flowers in Australia that you won’t find in Ireland, and vice versa!

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