What Is Foreign Trade?


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In the modern world all the countries of the world whether they are developed or underdeveloped are preoccupied with the problem of selling the merchandise in the foreign countries. Sometimes the government machinery goes to such an extent of pressing the businessmen that it says, either we should export or die. The government agencies provide all possible assistance to the businessmen for selling the goods overseas and carefully examine the figures of the monthly export transactions. Export goods and services is necessary because there is no country in the world which produces all the goods which it consumes. Trade between the two countries also arises because of economic advantages which arise due to international specialization of labor. Trade these ways is a two way affair.

No country can hope to sell is goods abroad unless it is also prepared to purchase goods in return. The businessmen who are engaged in the export transactions must export standard quality of goods at normal prices so that they could complete easily in the world market. Export is never static. It is dynamic restless and changing. The export enables the market export of the country to pay for the imports. So this is all about the foreign trade.
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Fornge trade is the buying and selling of goods & services between two or more different countries of the world.

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