What Are The Documents Used In Foreign Trade?


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The dovument used in foreign trade are: Bill of sight, bill of lading, indent, etc.
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Following documents are used in foreign trade.
It is an order place by importer of one country with exporter of another country. It contains detail of goods like price, quality, packing, shipping and payment method.
Letter of Credit:
It is a commitment on the part of buyer's bank to pay or accept drafts drawn upon it provided that such drafts do not exceed specified amount.

Shipping Order:
It is instruction given by shipping company to the captain of ship to accept goods of specified quantity on the ship.
Dock Receipt:
Dock authority will receive goods from exporter and issue a receipt to him.
Master Receipt:
Captain of ship is called mate. Mate will issue a receipt after loading goods on ship. It contains detail about goods such as quantity, number of packets, condition of goods etc.
Bill of lading:
It is a receipt issued by shipping company. In this receipt, the shipping company acknowledges the receipt of goods from exporters.

Commercial Invoice:
It is a bill of goods supplied to importer. This is prepared according to terms and conditions settled.
Bill of Entry:
This is a form. This form is given by custom office to the importer. It contains particulars of import such as name of country from which goods have imported and custom duty payable etc.
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You need to submit your address and identification number and might be license which is currently using then you can easily do the trading in the foreign countries.

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