What Is IIS? What Is The Use Of It?


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Internet Information Services is used to make your computer a web server. If we want to have a web server for developing dynamic website or want to publish website on our own server then we install the IIS. IIS is used on windows plate form. For other plate form we have different web servers.

E.g. Apache for Linux.IIS takes request from user and executes the required files and sends result back to the user. IIS server also provides the services of SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol). We can send emails using SMTP. FrontPage server extensions are also the part of IIS. Using FrontPage server extension we can use the dynamic features of IIS like form handler, Hit counter and etc. To install IIS you must have your operating systems CD (Win XP or Win 2K).

Go to control panel and select "Add Remove Programs". From that window select "Add Remove Windows Components". After this you can see Internet Information Services check box. Select this and press OK. Installation will be started, during this installation it will ask you to give the path of your Windows CD. Select from browse and give the path of Windows CD. After some time the installation process will be done. And IIS can be used.
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Internet Information Server (IIS) is a place where you can put your web application or Website and can access it with intranet or with the help of internet. One can also set security for a particular Website for specific Users and Computer in order to protect it from unauthorized access. This is mainly used in companies where employees can log on to the website and can check the latest announcements and company news. Employees need username and password to log in the website from their homes with the help of internet. IIS provide full security to company’s database.
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IIS   internet information service Is a web server   that helps to publish the web sites .. The IIS has extension or resources that we can mange according to the characteristics of the program ..

The IIS available in different version and the 7 is the recent released one
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IIS stands for internet information server. Many users try how to use IIS and how we can set up its properties. You can easily ignore the properties and features of IIS when you are installing IIS.

There are two ways of using IIS.
1. Ask for proposal on appropriate technology and business plan.
2. Making proposal for the publication on IIS homepage.
Every one can get access the homepage anytime. He or she can make Question and also fine a form to make questions. These questions can be forward to any member who asks for proposal. All members can not have answer to all questions.

Without any charges any one can make proposal. You can select any need from the home page and send the proposal to IIS with the help of input form that is also available on home page. The proposed idea is opened after confirmation from the IIS but name of the applicant is not disclosed. IIS have all the rights to reform the proposal.

The secrecy is necessary for you own security. IIS also receive 50,000 YEN from owner and from the person who makes proposal. IIS take fee from the regular members and special members
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IIS (Internet Information Server) is a group of Internet servers (including a Web or Hypertext Transfer Protocol server and a File Transfer Protocol server) with additional capabilities for Microsoft's Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server operating systems. IIS is Microsoft's entry to compete in the Internet server market that is also addressed by Apache.
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Some advantages of IIS are,
Reduced cost of deployment per user.
A familiar development environment and model.
Access to a broad audience.
Reusable components.
Separation of code and HTML.
State management across multiple interactions with the client.
Streamlined processing.
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Internet information service :formally called as internet information server - is a web server application and set of future extention modules created by microsoft  for use with microsoft windows. It is the second most used web server behind Apache HTTP server.
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IIS mean internet information service. IIS helps organizations increase Web site and application availability while lowering system administration. It is used to protect passwords from hackers and protect the function to support web services.
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Whenever I access my web page in internet I face a error message this is The page can not found/incorrect
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IIS (internet information server) is a group of servers,it is a server application created by Microsoft for use with Microsoft windows.
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World wide web have is own server and client (server of w.w. W it is a web server) the example of these web server is apache and IIs stands for internet information server.

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