What Is The Hypotheses Development In Research?


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Once we have identified the important variables in a situation and established the relationships among them through logical reasoning in he theoretical framework. We are in a position to test whether the relationship that have been theorized do in fact hold true. By testing these relationships scientifically through appropriate statistical analyses, or through negative case analysis in qualitative research we are able to obtain reliable information on what kinds of relationships exist among the variables operating in the problem situation. The results of these tests offer us some clues as to what could be changed in the situation to solve the problem.

A hypothesis can be defined as a logically conjectured relationship between two or more variables expressed in the form of testable statement. Relationships are conjectured on the basis of the network of associations established in the theoretical framework formulated for the research study. By testing the hypotheses and confirming the conjectured relationships, it is expected that solutions can be found to correct the problem encountered. Non-directional hypotheses are formulated either because the relationships or differences have never been previously explored or hence there is no basis for indicating the direction or because there have been conflicting findings in previous research studies on the variables.

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