What Is The Importance Of Descriptive Study In Research?


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A descriptive study is undertaken in order to ascertain and be able to describe the characteristics of the variables of interest in a situation. For instance, a study of a class in terms of percentage of members who are in their senior and junior years, sex composition, age grouping, number of semesters left until graduation and number of business courses taken can be considered as descriptive in nature. Quite frequently descriptive studies are undertaken in organizations to learn about and describe the characteristics of a group or employees as for example the age, educational level, job status and length of service of Hispanic or Asians working in system.

Descriptive studies are also undertaken to understand the characteristics of organizations that follow certain common practices. For example one might want to know and be able to describe the characteristics of organizations that implement flexible manufacturing system or that has a certain debt-to-equity ratio. The goal of descriptive study hence is to offer the researcher a profile or to describe relevant aspects of the phenomena of interest from an individual organizational, industry oriented or other perspective. In many cases such information may be vital before even considering certain corrective steps. Descriptive study can be used in much industry.
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The purpose of research is to inform action.  Thus, your study should seek to contextualize its findings within the larger body of research.  Research must always be high quality in order to produce knowledge that is applicable outside of the research setting with implications that go beyond the group that has participated in the research.  Furthermore, the results of your study should have implications for policy and project implementation.

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