Describe Different Types Of Investigation As Well As Casual And Correlation Studies?


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A manger should determine whether a causal or a co-relational study is needed to find an answer to the issue at hand. The former is done when it is necessary to establish a definitive cause and effect relationship. However if all that the manager wants is a mere identification of the important factors associated with the problem then a correlation study is called for. In the former case the researcher is keen on delineating one or more factors hat are undoubtedly causing a problem. In other words the intention of the researcher conducting a causal study is to be able to state that variable X cause's variable Y. so when variable X is removed or altered in some way, problem Y is solved.

Quite often however it is not just one or more variables that cause a problem in organizations. Given the fact that most of the time there are multiple factors that influence one another and the problem in a chainlike fashion, the researcher might be asked to identify the crucial factors associated with the problem rather than establish a cause and effect relationship. The study in which the researcher wants to delineate the cause of one or more problems is called a casual study.

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