What Are The Applications Of Radiations In Daily Life?


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Some of the applications of radiation are given below:

- Vacuum flasks: The vacuum flask is designed to keep liquids hot by minimizing heat losses in for possible ways, conduction, convection, radiation and evaporation. Conduction and convention through the sides of the flask are prevented by the vacuum between the double-glass walls of the flask. Conduction through the trapped air above the liquid is minimal since air is a very poor conductor of heat. The stopper is usually made of plastic which is also a poor conductor of heat.

Convection and evaporation can only occur when the plastic stopper is removed during use. Heat loss by radiation is harder to stop as radiant heat can pass through a vacuum.
To minimize heat loss through radiation, the walls of the glass are silvered so as to reflect radiant heat back into the hot liquid

-Greenhouse effect: a greenhouse is very useful in helping certain plants grow better by trapping heat inside. On a warm day, infra red radiation from the sun passes through the glass of the greenhouse and is absorbed by thee soul and plants inside. The soil and the plants therefore become warmer and they emit infra ed radiation of longer wavelength. These are unable to pass through the glass and the temperature inside rises which is good for plant growth.

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