What Are The Applications Of Conduction In Our Daily Life?


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Conduction is the means by which energy travels through media. If you heat the wire at one end but your friend is holding it from the other end, soon the heat will travel through the wire and your friend would find the wire becoming hotter. The following are FIVE applications of conduction using very simple and daily life examples:
  1. Conduction is what makes electricity flow in wires and carry electricity from powerhouses to the bulb in your room as you flick the switch on.
  2. It makes the pan hot when you put it on the stove so that food cooks in it.
  3. Conduction helps sound to reach the other person when you speak into the telephone as your sound waves are converted into electric signals which travel to the person on the other side through conduction.
  4. Conduction is an important part of bio sensing devices that recognize the signal conducted from the receptor and thus give an output.
  5. Conduction of heat through the atmosphere makes the earth warm.

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Soldering iron,kettles,and many more cooking utensils.another example can be that you touch the stove and get your hand burnt....hope it's useful...=)

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