What Is Weather Forecasting And Why Is It Necessary?


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Weather forecasting is the prediction of forthcoming weather conditions . It is based on the observation and analysis of weather data collected, at the lower and upper atmosphere, from widely scattered weather stations on land and sea; it is also based on past and present experiences.

Weather process in the atmosphere are complicated, rapidly changing and differ greatly from place to place. Perfect forecasting is not possible. A forecast for a short time example a few hours may be accurate. But for longer time periods, example a few days or week, weather forecasting becomes less and less accurate. A forecast made for the month ahead may be little more than a guess!

Weather forecasting is necessary because it is useful to almost everybody, especially for the following people:
Pilots need advance weather information. Poor visibility and sudden weather changes can cause tragic disasters in which hundreds of people can die.Farmers need early warnings of weather conditions to take precautionary measures to safeguard their crops and animals.

Armed forces in battles depend on fairly accurate weather reports to plan their military strategies. Schools and colleges often consult weather forecasters when planning their important functions and events.Everyone has a stake in the weather. People depend on fine weather to organize their activities and make them a success.
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Weather Forecasting is predicting the weather before it happens. It is needed for some things such as getting ready for a storm, or protection if there is a tornado warning. It is for your own protection. Or maybe you want to see what the weather will be like if you are planning a picnic, or a trip somewhere. The possibilities are endless of why we need to know the weather.

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