What Is Importance Of Metals & Non Metals In Our Daily Life?


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Metals and non-metals effectively cover all solid materials, so they include steel, tin, aluminum, copper, wood, plastic, rubber and glass.

In biological terms, we need metal as much as we need air in order to live. Iron helps form hemoglobin which helps provide the body with the oxygen from the air. Calcium, that forms bones, is technically a metal too.

If we leave the body, then you only have to look at all the metal and non-metal things we use. While a television is usually made up of a plastic shell (non-metal), the vast majority of its components are metal. The same applies to all gadgets and hardware; mobile phones, radios, computers, monitors, DVD players etc.

The desk you use to sit at for your computer is most likely wood but your chair could be wood, metal or plastic, or a combination of these. You drink from a glass. You iron your clothes. Your pen is metal. Your toothbrush is plastic.The list is endless. Everything in our lives relies on metal and non-metals in some form or another. If the object itself is not a metal, it is almost certain that the object in question was made, assembled or constructed using metal tools or equipment.

The production of tools and devices is part of being human and aiding humanity. We need these things to assist in our existence and to help develop our knowledge and understanding of life and science. Without them we are homeless, unclothed, unprotected individuals with little purpose or direction.

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