What To Do If Animal Bites Someone Or Someone's Bone Gets Fractured?


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Proper first aids can prevent from getting worse. It is therefore important for all of us to know how to give first aid in different kinds of accidents. The bites of dogs, monkeys and some other animals can cause a very dangerous disease called rabies. The bites should be immediately washed with soap and water and an antiseptic applied. The patient should be them taken to a doctor. He may need injection to prevent rabies.

Sometimes when a person falls and get hurts, a bone may get broken or fractured. But it is not easy to find out if a bone has broken. If the patient is in great pain while moving a hand or a leg even 10 to 15 minutes after injury, he may have a broken bone. Take the patient to the emergency ward of a hospital. Sometimes, joints such as ankle or the wrist get twisted resulting in a sprain.

The joint swells up and is very painful. A sprain joint should not move before it is healed. This may take several days. An elastic bandage can be wrapped around the joint to keep it from moving. Ointments can be lightly rubbed two or three times a day over the sprained joint.
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What to do if someone's bone gets fractured?

A fractured bone is in fact a broken bone. Therefore the casualty will be in a lot of pain, so you should not move the fractured bone too much, as it just adds to the pain. Instead you should, ensure that any dangers are removed to reduce further injury to self, others and the casualty, then ensure that the casualty is conscious by looking for a response, calling their name perhaps?

If the casualty is concious then you should call for an ambulance explaining what you think and what has happened to the casualty when they arrive.

You must treat your casulty for shock, the pain can lead them into shock, and not receiving this promptly can give them brain damage and can even result in death! You do this by simply placing legs above heart level, then by keeping then warm and constantly remeasuring and talking to them so they don't fall unconscious.

In case the fracture is not internal you must reduce the amount of blood loss, as a severe blood loss can also make them go into shock, you must apply pressure to the open area, with a non sticky and sterile dressing.

If however when you check for a response from your casualty, you actually receive one. You should treat for shock and call an ambulance immediately. x

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