Is Maryland Part Of The South?


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I'm from Maryland. Most of us consider ourselves to be a northern state, but closer to Virginia you can definitely spot some Confederate flags.
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As a Scot.I always thought it was deep south
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Keith Old
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Thanks Willielad. It's on the border i think
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WILLIE, In 1860 it was in the deep south near Alabama, but through the years and geological movement it is in the position it is today. Scientists believe it will, if it continues to move, will be where Nova Scotia is today. Don't listen to the Australian, they walk around down side up and don't even know it.
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I from Virginia and I do not even think of it as being in the south. Maryland......No.... It is more of a northern state to me. The people from Maryland and  most of Virginia are culturally more northern than southern.
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I have always thought it was north, being a frequent visitor of Georgia, if you meant in the civil war, it was part of the Union due to some careful behavior on Lincoln's part
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Yes it is part of south
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That would be more of a northern state. From what i just read 77% of the people(the population) joined the union when civil war broke out.
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No maryland is part of the north. You know this because during the civil war the north was a slave free state and maryland was an abolitionist state therefore maryland is part of the southern hemisphere.

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