How Much Does It Cost To Have A 20x20 Slab Of Concrete Poured?


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Pouring a slab of concrete depends on the length, width and thickness required. There are 3 ways in which to pour concrete, and they all significantly vary in price. This includes:

  • Footing
  • Slab
  • Column
To pour a footing of concrete requires several measurements. This consists of the width needed, as well as the length and thickness. To work out how many bags are needed to pour a certain footing of concrete depends on what size of pre-mix concrete bag you are thinking off purchasing. This could be a 40lb, 60lb or 80lb bag. Let's use a 40lb bag as an example. At approximately $5 per 40lb bag a concrete footing that measures 20 ft by 20ft with a thickness of 1ft would cost about $555 dollars because 111 pre-mix bags are needed. However, it would only cost $280 if the 80lb bags were purchased. Obviously it is easier to buy in bulk and only 56 bags of 80lb pre-mix concrete is needed. It must be noted that the width of a concrete footing is usually measured in inches.

Pouring a concrete slab is very similar to pouring a concrete footing. Using the same measurements, it would cost near enough the same to pour a concrete slab. Using 111 40lb bags would cost $555 dollars, using 74 60lb bags would cost $370 and 56 80lg bags of pre-mixed concrete would cost $280. The only difference is  that width is measured by feet rather than inches.

Pouring a concrete column is a bit different to pouring a slab or footing of concrete. Diameter and height are the measurements needed to calculate how many pre-mix concrete bags are required to make a concrete column. All measurements must be calculated in inches. For example. If you want a column measuring 12 inches (1 foot) in diameter and 72 inches (6 foot) in height it would take 16 40lb bags or 11 60lb bags or 8 80lb bags of pre-mix concrete. This would cost $80, $55 or $40, respectively.

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