How Has Art Helped Promote The Economy Of The Country?


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Art has helped in promoting the economy of the country, as the sector employs nearly 6 million people. These jobs are arts related and they help to keep the economy of the country strong.

Citizens of various countries appreciate the art that their country produces, and as such this can have an impact in a number of ways. Some examples of the impact art can have on people are:

• Lifting people's spirits
• Impacting on a person's consciousness
• Enabling free thought
• Strengthening communities

Art brings about pride in people, if a derelict area is brightened up with art, then the residents of the area are more likely to look after the area and ensure that other people do not damage it. The economic advantage in this respect is that the artists are paid for the art they produce and this has a knock-on effect.

By displaying more art in certain areas, the number of people that visit that area will increase, and this is vital for the local economy. The tourists that visit arts exhibitions will pay, not only for the exhibitions themselves, but also for other services that are provided in nearby areas.

The increase in arts organizations can also lead to the growth in poor regions. The popularity of the subject of art will increase, and in turn, this will have a major effect on the revitalization of the areas in question, as well as increasing interest in the creative industries.

By establishing voluntary arts projects, the people taking part not only have renewed pride in themselves, but they can also gain new skills, which will enable them to gain employment, thus assisting the economy of the country.

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