Which Was The First Empire In West Africa?


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It was centuries before the Europeans actually planned to explore Asia and conquered North America that African civilizations had developed in various parts of Africa. These civilizations or empires had a rich cultural heritage consisting of attributes like music, dance and storytelling.

Not only that but they also flourished in the field of art and trading. Their craftwork was intricate and beautiful made of wood and metals and they were also able to make tools and weapons out of iron. The first African empire in the region of West Africa was the Empire of Ghana. It lasted in between the period of 300 and 1200 A.D.

The empire, besides having a rich cultural heritage was also opulent in terms of containing gold reserves. It was a barter system that the various empires of Africa depended upon. In the case of the Empire of Ghana, it used to conduct transactions with North African empires, exchanging gold for salt, cloth and even horses.

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