I am generally truthful person because lying just doesn't feel right to me. So why is it that whenever I am telling the truth, I feel as though I'm lying, and I accidentally give body language that I am? This is very frustrating, how to stop it?


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Arthur Wright answered
It's called lack of self confidence or that you don't truly believe in yourself and due to that lack, you feel that you're portraying yourself in a way that no one believes you even though you're telling the truth and if someone questions you, you fall apart and turn shy. In time you will build up your self confidence and never worry about this again.
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Sounds just like me :( how do I not fall apart and turn shy though? How do I stop smiling, stop wringing my hands, stop looking away? :(
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* I don't mean to do any of that but it just happens before I'm conscious of it
Arthur Wright
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I know and as your self confidence rises, the more this will go away but youre fine here
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The best way to really look as though you are telling the truth is to look the person right in the eye the whole time with a determined expression on your face. Works for me.

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