Does Your Heart Get Bigger As You Grow Older?


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A human heart certainly grows throughout childhood, but once a person reaches the age of around 18 years old then the heart is pretty much fully grown and will not expand in later life.

The heart is said to be around the size of a fist - when a baby is born, the tiny fist they can make with their hands would represent the size of their heart currently. As the heart develops and grows with the same speed as the rest of the body through childhood and puberty it is always in proportion.

You can find lost of useful and interesting information about the human heart and its developments at websites such as:

If you are referring to the heart in the sense of caring and loving a person, then it can certainly be argued that it grows as people mature. Children certainly have a lot of love but it is fairly superficial and automatic. Whereas when people get older they think about life and people differently and fall in love for deeper reasons than just looks.

When someone becomes a parent their heart is said to grow in the sense they now have something of their own to care and look after. Their outlook on life changes and everything will now revolve around their child.
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It grows along with you as an infant and child but quits growing when you are full grown and is usually the size of you closed fist, if you heart is enlarged it is due to a heart condition
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Not typically in a healthy person. Some problems such as congestive heart failure, that force the heart to work harder, can cause it to increase in size.

Exercise can induce a mild hypertrophy of the heart as well. It is not considered a bad thing.

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