Is Morning Or Evening The Best Time To Water Outdoor Plants?


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It is
generally said that the best time to water plants is in the mornings before the
temperature rises. During the morning time, not much evaporation is taking place
so the water given to the plant stays in the plant and does not get evaporated.
This will give the plant an ample supply of water that it can use throughout the
day. If you want to water the plants in late afternoon then take care of one
thing that it is not done very late. Do it at such a time that the pant dries
or uses the water before nightfall so that dampness does not cause fungal
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YES.In mid-day the sun would evaporate any water before the plant would have a chance to absorb it.
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BOTH. In the morning the plant has enough time to process the water and get an early start on photosenthis and at night becouse its cheaper and it really doesnt make a diffrence

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