What Is The Space Retrieval Training?


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Recently a researcher at the University of A used snapshots of past Hollywood stars to find innovative ways to aid Alzheimer's patients relearn and with the help of that knowledge, perform basic everyday functions.

His name was Tammy Hopper, who was an associate professor in speech pathology and audiology, conducted the study with 32 Alzheimer's patients who were in different stages of the degenerative disease. With his study, Hopper attempted to gain awareness about whether the patients could relearn and store in their memories of the names of past celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne better than names of random people after seeing their photos.

In his findings, Hopper determined that the whole group learned the celebrity faces on a much faster basis on average than the new faces. In a general context, patients with a less severe magnitude of dementia, seemed to have a better memory of both sets of faces nevertheless there were exceptions to the rule.This technique was called space retrieval training that could help patients gain access intact parts of their memory that contained information on performing basic daily tasks.
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Tammy Hopper is a Female, she still works at the University of Alberta. As an SLP I have used SRT with great success although clients needed to meet the screening requirments first. Researching this therapy is worth your while.

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