How Long Does It Take Rockets To Get To Space?


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It takes roughly two minutes and a half for a rocket to get into space, although there are a number of variable factors that may affect the exact time.

How long does it take for a rocket to reach space? The first problem in answering the question is that the earth's atmosphere doesn't end at one specific point.

It's a bit like when you're flying in a plane: There's a definite difference between being on land and in the sky - but at what exact point are you 'in the sky'.

Scientists like to use something called the Kármán line (62 miles above sea-level) as the point where 'space' begins- although this is more of an approximation.

In actual fact, earth's atmosphere just thins out gradually.

Another factor is the angle of ascent and the location from which a rocket launches.

Most rocket launches are done near the equator. This enables a rocket to make the best use of earth's natural rotational speed.

To highlight just how quickly rockets move, here's a nifty video:

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I think it's 2 days.
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When the rocket launches, it goes up at a speed of 22000 km/hr.

It takes time to accelerate to that speed. Usually, the rocket leaves the earth space in 15 mins.
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It takes 2 minutes to get there as they go really fast nowadays - Professer Hatch (Cornwall University).

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