Why Are Men Physically Stronger Than Women?


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Actually pound for pound males are still stronger. Because of the Male frame and male can carry more mass. If you get a 6'3" Male at 240lbs they can be solid muscle (Line Backer in the NFL). However you will not find a 6'3" 240lbs of muscle on the Female, a lot of the weight will be from fat cells. Without synthetics it is hard for most females to be over 150lbs of muscle.

If you look at Olympic weightlifting it will give you a pretty good idea.

Qiu Honmei (female) is -58 kg (128lbs), In the Clean and jerk she lifted 141 kg (310lbs)
Halil Mutlu (Male) is -56 kg  (123lbs), In the Clean and jerk he lifted 168 kg (370lbs)

Now here is where nature wins

Jang Mi-Ran (Female) is +75 Kg (165lbs), In the Clean and Jerk she lifted 187 kg (411lbs)
Le Maosheng (Male) is -62 kg (136lbs), In the Clean and Jerk he lifted 182 kg (400lbs)

Meaning a woman with a significant height and weight advantage barley out lifted him.

Keep in mind that she is the largest female and he is one of the smallest males.

Those where actually the closest I could find as the males get bigger the weight increases over the largest female exponentially.

So no not even pound for pound are females just as strong or even stronger then men. Even when females have significant height and weight on a male rarely are they stronger.
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Testosterone levels in men are higher than in woman, because of this the average man is of larger built than the average woman. Thus the average man (more muscle mass) is stronger. Estrogen on the other hand produces a smaller overall frame (i.e the average woman is of smaller frame, thus less muscle mass = less strength), however pound for pound a woman is stronger than a man. This is because of the effects the aforementioned hormones have of the human body.    The aforementioned is a general statement. Read up on the effects of Hormones on the body, locomotion, and physiology to get a better grasp.
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It is just the way god created us. Man was created to be the protector and the provider of the woman.
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Like father like daughter, growing up...

My father soon realize I was more like him than my brother was. We come from a very violent and unconventional, family from the age of seven we were taught to shoot a weapon and other things. 

It was then my father knew I had his reflexes and ability to fight but because I was a female he knew I was at a disadvantage but I soon realize it was more of in advantage because men always underestimate women.  

When I was 18 my father told me I was really strong and it was as abnormal for a women, so I say its all about genetics.

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Yes the average man is stronger than the average women. There are some women that are stronger than men but the strongest women is not even close to the strongest man.
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Mostly because of  Physiological reasons, and in the history, men always do things which need power and so gradually become stronger and stronger. As we know, men take lots of time for sporting.

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