Who Is More Intelligent - A Man Or A Woman?


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Possibly the biggest battle mankind has ever known is that of man versus woman. Although it may sound like a form of childish playground bullying, the idea that sex is related to intelligence is actually a serious debate.

The truth, however, is that scientific data on the subject is generally quite contradictory.

Whilst it is commonly accepted that the brain structure of a man and that of a woman are slightly different, whether this directly relates to intelligence is unsubstantiated.

Are women smarter than men?

As a man, it is hard to accept the idea that womankind might have an edge in the brains stakes.
Despite my feelings of ineptitude, a recent study published by New Zealand based researcher James Flynn suggests otherwise.

IQ has always been a pretty good barometer of 'smartness', and men have been happy to come up trumps when comparisons between the sexes have been measured.

But Flynn's recent studies show that this trend is reversing.

In fact, the rate that women's IQ tests have been rising suggests that, in a few thousand years, the world could be dominated by super-intelligent intellectually advanced female beings (whilst men are forced to toil in some sort of mine like hunky neanderthals). 
Are Men More Intelligent Than Women?

In truth though, studies can be misleading. It was only a few years ago that controversial scientist John Philippe Rushton published a study that suggested men had the higher IQ.

In his research, he found that women's brains matured faster than mens, but that after the age of 18 men's average IQ overtook that of women's by almost 5 points.

Another theory is that structural differences in men's brains mean that they may are more adept at certain tasks, whilst women excel in others.

Who's Smarter? Men or Women?

Whatever the science says, the one thing that remains a puzzle to me is how even the most intelligent men seem to become completely perplexed when faced with the dial on a washing machine.
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I would say both a man and woman, because we're all not the same. We learn at our own pace.

Sometimes a woman may be more intelligent but then again men are too sometimes so it's kinda like a 50% 50% for me just for now.
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AJ commented
I totally agree! No one sex is smarter then the other, what I don't know or can't figure out, she can! And vise versa.
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I believe it is something that is based in an individual, and not on gender. My husband will tell you I am more intelligent than him, and I have to agree. Mind you my husband is an intelligent person and has multiple degrees. I know people of both genders who are more intelligent than I am.

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This is absolutely my personal opinion. I think level of intelligence has nothing to do with one's sex. I do however believe that generally speaking, women have a lot more common sense. Yes there are exceptions but generally I think women have more common sense.

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Most women seem to be more practical than a man. Practical and intelligence differ from each other.

Any gender can be more intelligent than each other. For example, men seem to be more intelligent than a woman when it comes to sports. A lot of women don't watch sports.

Most women know how to sew, shop, and multitask better than men. See the difference. Each person has their own way of intelligence.

A man can be smart at science, but not math. A woman could be good at math and not science. It all depends on if that individual was born with a sharp mind or how well she/he catches on to things.
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Generally it is agreed that men as a whole show a wider range of intellectual capacities than women and that women in general occupy the middle ground. Thus both the very stupid and in turn very smart so 'tend' and I say this tentatively, to be male.

However, there is always an exception to each rule. The highest official IQ score (which is a widely regarded the gold mark of a good intellect - though increasingly attacked for only measuring certain types of intelligence) belongs to a woman.

Marilyn vos Savant - an American newspaper columnist - has a top recorded IQ score of 228 (100 being the average). I can't help thinking Stephen Hawkings may be a contender for that top spot however!
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There are many intelligent men and women. Both genders are more than capable of being successful and smart. It just depends on the person. There are plenty of men who some women are smarter than and vice-versa.

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Both men and women are about equal in average intelligence. The ends of the intelligence curve are the interesting point here.

There is a standard curve of female intelligence, but male intelligence extends somewhat on either tail. So, for men, and quoting Helena Cronin, more Nobels and more dumbbells  for men!

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There are stupid women and stupid men, as there are smart women and smart men.  But then there are many different aspects of intelligence that go beyond knowledge.  So it would be difficult to hold one gender over the other in intelligence as a whole. 

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Scientifically, a female is smarter however nobody is technically more intelligent than another because there will always be something that one person knows that another doesn't.
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Woman are not as creative as man. To support this idea it is enough to see my girlfriend.
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Women are more intelligent than men because in a lot of cases they have only one affair or one boyfriend.

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