What Are The Reasons For Each Group Level Of Assimilation? Where Applicable How Do Ethnic Enclaves And Cultural Norms Influence Assimilation?


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My parents lived with my grandparents in an Italian neighborhood when I was born.  My grand father was considered by very many people both newly immigrated and long established as an
interpreter, a paralegal, an advisor, a trustworthy go between.  In this respect he was easily accessible to the newcomers who very quickly did meld in.  THere were legal papers he helped with, jobs he got them, Americanization he helped with too.   He was also considered an inventor and a man who others turned to for advise...In an enclave or concentrated area of one ethnic group, resources are readily available to make assimilation quick and easy.  Many neighbors stayed and many moved on.  It does ease the tension and fear of being a newbie and where to
find information to meld or blend in.   He was a translator, he was tri lingual as well.  His employer of over 45 years called him his right hand man with other immigrants.  He was honest in translating and was loyal to his American employer, now called BRIGGS in NW ILLINOIS.

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