How Do You Believe The Universe Will End?


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I don't know about that, but I do believe it will be biblical. It would depend on who you are, and what you believe, there has never been a prediction as to the end of us that has been right, so I don't think that any one person can prove or disprove what it will be like. Hope I haven't offended you.
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Well, I believe the universe will be transfigured as the Bible says. But I'm talking about this universe.
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Why are you all stating the bible?
I agree with you about the heat death at the moment. It looks as though dark energy is having a bigger effect on the universe than dark matter so there won't be enough gravity to hold the universe together and it'll just keep expanding till its so big and cold it can support nothing.

However I read something before about time travel which relates to the fate of the universe. It said that if we went back in the past (which I reckon eventually we'll be able to do, if we haven't yet), and changed something major, the universe might go into a 'destruction resolution' where every particle affected by what you changed would cease to exist which could in theory destroy the universe. Obviously this is only a theory, but I could see this happening as humans have a habit of destroying things, why not the entire universe?
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Let me explain about what astro physics has to do with the space-time continuum:

The universe contains time.
Time never stops or starts. It is a continuum, and a flux.
Therefore, if the universe contains time, it will never end, because time never ends.
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Well, I'm not too sure about the universe, but I know that the Bible talks about God melting all the elements of the earth with a fervent heat.
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The bible says it will be consumed in fire and half of cali is burning and now some of the midwest you figure it out, It is not ending yet not in our life time or yours maybe your grandchildren so think twice b4 bringing kids in this world our pain and troubles are only just beginning of their sorrow, I try not to be negative but the facts are right b4 our eyes.
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I believe the universe will end someday, but I'm really not sure how. If humans keeps on polluting the earth though it will probably be sooner than later. I think everyone has a purpose and god created a time for us to go, but it's up to us on how. We can pollute our earth or keep it clean and enjoy the atmosphere while possible. The universe will probably end in fire though if humans don't speed up the process.
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I said the universe, not humanity. the universe will not end if humans pollute the earth.
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I believe that if God created the universe, he can create another safe place for us. This particular universe has black holes and galaxies that are merging and other galaxies that are disappearing. So it stand to reason that this universe will no longer exist.
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I believe when we finally finish polluting our 0 zone layler God will start the end of the world! The Opalqulis

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