How Do You Learn And Remember Things Forever?


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All of us have tremendous capacity for memorizing anything and almost everything.

However,we have two different kinds of memories.viz. Short term and Long term.
Whatever we observe, read and see;remains recorded in our short term memory.But, after a few hours or days it gets faded.
It is very important therefore, to direct it to our long term memory so that we can remember it for a very long time or perhaps even forever.

Three stage methodic procedure is to be followed to do this.
1)Properly FOCUSED experience. This means, whatever we want to record, we must fully concentrate on it. Suppose, we have to remember a poem, we have to fully concentrate on it. We must recite it loudly (or quietly) without any distraction.
2) Repetition. This means we must repeat the above mentioned procedure number of times.g. At least nine times daily for a minimum of nine days.
3)Revision. This means, we must revise the same thing initially, once every week for three weeks.Then once a fortnight,for three fortnights.And thereafter, every month at least once.
It then gets properly embedded in our long term memory and we can recall it any time.

It is for this reason that any prayers or songs that we might have sung, week after week at school;get permanently recorded in our mind and we remember them forever.
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But how do you remember things that you normally can for example I can't remember simple numbers that were given to me a minute ago yet a day later they will magically appear in my head. Any hits on improving my memory for things?
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Please help in my problem is that I can't remember the things which I heard and spoken . I have very poor memory   . That why I alway feel inferior .   I get sudden angry

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