What Is The Use Of Alcohol Burner?


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  • Alcohol burner is normally used to replace the Bunsen burner because of its simple style, handy, and ultra light weight.
  • It is a design of stove with single burner that is used without pressurizing the fuel and the fuel is contained in the burner and burns until the fuel is finished or extinguished by the user.
  • Alcohol burner can be run with, liquid and solid, both types of fuel.
  • These burners are also known as backpacker stoves because of their extremely light weight.
  • These are useful usually to minimize weight in back packages during the extended trips.
  • Alcohol burners are also available in sealing covers for carrying the fuel filled stove easily with putting on its lid if the burner is hot otherwise the cover can get damaged.
  • Alcohol burner being the smallest type of burner is normally used on backpacking tours on bicycles which needs light weight and small sized items in the package.
  • Alcohol burner consists of only three accessories a burner, a fuel tank and a support for pot on it.
  • Collapsible legs of the support for pot are usually used to minimize the place covered in packing.
  • The weight of alcohol burner varies between 1 and 2 ounces, normally, to minimize the weight carried in the back package.
  • Alcohol burners can also be used as camping stoves to be used while traveling in car, boat or on horseback.
  • These camping stoves are alcohol burners with somewhat bigger in size and fuel capacity and can be used as kitchen stoves.
  • Camping alcohol burners have a folding lid, which helps in packing it and as a protection to flame from wind but the weight of a camping alcohol burner gets comparatively increased.
  • The temperatures of alcohol burners vary from 600-900 degrees C if the fuel is free from impurities.

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