What Are The Chemistry Laboratory Apparatuses And Its Functions?


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Have you taken chemistry back in high school? You probably remember all those laboratory apparatuses you have to use during your experiments. There are so many of them but none can be more popular and frequently used than the eye goggles, gloves, beakers and cylinder, magnifying cells, and microscopes.

• Eye Goggles

When you're doing experiments that involve using harmful chemicals or fire, you need eye goggles to protect your eyes. They block smoke and fine particles from getting inside your eyes without blurring your view. You can work easily and safely knowing your eyes protected with these goggles.

• Gloves

You can't use your bare hands while working in the laboratory. It's important you keep your hands clean at all times. Always wear gloves while working since they protect the hands from getting dirty or injured by strong chemicals. They're essential especially when you're dealing with a very sensitive case.

• Beakers/Cylinders

You can't just place the things you need for your experiment anywhere. You need beakers especially when you have to use liquids since glass jars simply won't do. On the other hand, you need cylinders if you are to measure liquids correctly. Remember that every drop counts and they need to be measured appropriately to ensure the effectiveness of the experiment.

• Magnifying Lens/Microscope

Magnifying lens are just what you need to vies visible parts of a specimen and just need to look at them more closely. On the other hand, microscopes are necessary when you need to view very small or invisible details of a specimen.

• Bunsen Burner

In chemistry, you need to boil liquids or melt solids. This is where Bunsen burners come in. They provide you with sufficient heat that's enough to boil or melt the stuffs you need for your experiment.

• Thermometer

A very popular chemistry apparatus, thermometers must be present in every laboratory. It is used to measure the temperature of an object.
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1. Beaker- used as container for liquids.It is also used in heating liquids
2. Evaporating dish- used for evaporating chemical solutions
3. Test tube- used for heating small amount of liquid
4. Graduated cylinder- used for measuring volumes if liquid
5. Erlenmeyer flask- used as a container for chemical solutions
6. Funnel- used for transferring or pouring liquids without spilling.It is also used in filtering liquids
7.thermometer- used in measuring temperature
8. Wire gauze- used to prevent direct contact of flame at the bottom of the glass container being heated
9. Alcohol lamp- used as source of heat
10. Iron stand- used as a support in holding glass flask
11. Iron ring with clamp- used to hold other devices when heating
12. Test tube holder- used to hold a test tube while being heated over the flame
13. Platform balance- use to measure weights of solid substances.
14. Magnifying lens- use to make small things look bigger/large

that's all what I've got!!!

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The following laboratory apparatus are: Alcohol lamp, beaker, graduated cylinder, erlenmeyer flask, evaporating dish, funnel, iron ring, iron stand, mortar and pestle, spatula, spot plate, stirring rod, test tube, test tube rack, test tube holder, watch glass, thermometer
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Vials, Thermometer, Erlenmeyer Flask, Funnel, Watch Glass, Beaker and Stirring Rod

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