How To Make A Research Thesis Importance Of Study?


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When creating a thesis you will be required to create a 'Significance of the Study' section. It can also be referred to as the 'Importance of the Study' section and it normally occurs in the first chapter of the document. If you are looking write this section for yourself then some of the following tips may be of use.

  • Conclusive summary of your findings

'The Importance of the Study' section is where you will need to lay out exactly why your research is important and beneficial. The first step to doing this is to list what conclusions have been drawn from you research and how this is contributory to the respective field it was carried out for.

  • Who did it help?

Be specific and list exactly who the research has benefited. This could be individual people as well as collections of people and organizations. These should be listed by name where possible.

  • Why did it help then?

Follow this part of the section up with the reasoning for why your research has benefited the people you claim it has. This should also come with a considerable amount of details but make sure it is concise and to the point. You want to ensure that all the words count as well as making sure you have not undercompensated. Aim to make your points within a few paragraphs if possible.

  • Finally - who were the researchers

It sounds daft, but you must remember to credit themselves to the research. If you have conducted the research alone then your name is the only one that will need to be included. However - any person who has assisted you significantly then they will definitely need to be cited in the list of researchers.
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