Can Bad Well Water Cause Or Lead To Uti's Or Other Illnesses In Children?


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It's better to have the well tested to make sure. You could talk to the doctor that you took the child to. It is probably possible because of all the contaminants that would probably be in the water. If this isn't the reason, there could be the chance that she can't take a bubble bath.

My daughter gets uti's and kidney infections from bubble bath's. Hope this helps.
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Yes...bad well water can indeed cause recurring, idiopathic UTI's. Our little girl started getting UTIs and bladder infections and the even kidney infections within three months of our moving to a village using well water.  It took us three years to figure out it was the water...confirmed by three doctors! When this got publicized, we learned, within days, of 27 other children in this mile square village, that had the same problems!

We finally got the village off the well water and onto the county water supply and all the UTIs stopped!  Now another village, north of us, but on the same aquifer, has the same reported problems!

There seems to be a synergistic effect between the minerals, VOCs and radiation in the water. It is still not confirmed, as far as I know, but I am still learning! Desperate moms make the best researchers!  Use only bottled water for drinking and cooking. Send bottled water to school....make sure your school knows your child can not drink the water there if they have the same well water. Also, make sure your child knows not to drink water from a tap or faucet when playing at a neighbors.

Good luck!
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My grandson (1½ years) has been ill for over a month, has been in the hospital all this time, but they can't find anything wrong. He started losing weight, and has been spewing for about 3 weeks - several times a day. The doctors at the hospital say it is probably a stomach bug, but it goes on several days. He has had high fever several times. He is so lethargic, now he is just sitting or laying around, yesterday they hardly to get any contact with him. He is so very pale with big black rings around his eyes. He looks just like a little zombie. He can hardly stand let alone walk. They put a feeding tube in, and now it is also connected to a drip. Most days he won't eat, some he will take a sandwich, but he doesn't seem to hold much down.
Now a neighbour asked me if they had their own well, which they have. Can this be the cause?
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My daughter and son go to their fathers on the weekend and they drink the well water. I had it tested
when we were married and the guy sad it had a lot of nitrates in the water. I also found lot of things
swimming in the water. My daughter would always get sick or feel cramping in her stomach she also had diarrhea. I have took her to the doctor she has had two infections and had ecoli in her pee.

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